Event Pricing

Function and Event Pricing Options

We will work with you to achieve quality results using only the best professional materials available. We suggest that you contact us to discuss the details and your requirements. We can answer any questions you might have about our pricing options, and help figure out which services best suit your needs.

Pre-paid Per Head or Flat Rate
  • Depending on numbers a pre-paid per head price is paid or a flat rate is charged. The photographs from the event are made available for free. All photos are supplied as high print quality digital files, that are made available to everyone you choose. The gallery can be private and password protected should you wish.
  • The best thing is that photos are available within days, and it allows everyone to keep all their memories of the event. It is a wonderful gift to give your guests or a small price to add to admission charges if you are selling tickets. This is our most popular package for school formals and proms but we have also used it for family events where large numbers have attended.


Attendance Fee and Pay for Photos
  • This suits many events, especially smaller ones. An attendance fee is negotiated for the expected time of the event and photos from the event are offered online. It suits events where the sale of photographs is unlikely to cover the time the photographer spends there.
Free Attendance / Pay for Photos Ordered
  • This is only offered to events where we are reasonably sure there will be good sales of photographs. Usually it is only formals or large sporting events such as public marathons that fit this category but other events will be considered.
  • All photographs are ordered and paid for online, we print and deliver them to you, even to international addresses. As well as prints we also provide digital files (high & low res) that can be purchased, great for emailing, putting on phones, tablets and printing.