Image Restoration

Photo Restoration

Bring your cherished photos back to life with White Poplar’s restoration service. We are creating treasured portraits for families all the time, which means that we understand the sentimental value a photo can have. Thankfully, the technology we use to make our own beautiful images can also be used to repair and restore old photographs that have faded or been damaged. So don’t let your special mementoes fade away, allow us to help make them like new again.

White Poplar specializes in restoring your photos without losing their antique charm. We preserve and enhance the beautiful tones and soft sepia and blacks that are often destroyed by too much contrast when restoring. At White Poplar we are not just Photoshop experts, we are professional working photographers who have an eye for colour, tone and composition, and can offer stunning results you will want to display on your walls.


How to get your photos restored

  • You provide us with your photos – click here for details
  • We send you a no obligation quote – click here for price guide
  • You accept the quote
  • We do the restoration and send you a proof to review
  • When happy with the proof, you provide payment – click here for details
  • We send you the final images – click here for details

Options for getting your photos to us

The process we use to restore your photos is an entirely digital one. It involves high-quality scanning and digital manipulation, and therefore poses no risk of further damage to the original photograph.

The quality with which the photo is scanned significantly effects how well it can be restored. For this initial step, you can choose from several options.

In all cases, if a photo is torn completely, please don’t attempt to join the pieces together with tape or glue before sending it to us or scanning it. We will have an easier time mending the two pieces together if you or we can scan each item separately.

You can mail or courier your original prints to us by post, and we will complete the scanning for you on our specialized, high-resolution equipment.

This will generally produce better results than can be obtained with the average domestic scanner. Please email us and we will provide you with full postal details.

For photos that are particularly badly faded, it is likely that we will be able to extract a greater degree of detail than will a domestic scanner. In these cases we strongly recommend sending us the original photos so that we can produce the best outcome.

As we are unable to take responsibility for items lost in the mail, we suggest sending valuable and sentimental photos via a premium mail service such as Xpresspost or courier. This will allow you to track the parcel and will ensure a timely delivery. We will of course return the photos to you with this same method.

When posting your photos, please wrap them in tissue and add a stiff piece of cardboard behind them so that they can’t be bent or folded. Lastly, place them in a Ziploc bag to protect against moisture (we suggest that you avoid bags with a sliding closure, as the plastic slider can damage the photos inside).

If you prefer to do the scanning yourself, you can simply email the scanned image to us.

This method can often work very well for photos that are not badly faded. The scanning can be done at home, or you can take your image to a copy shop and they will scan your images on to a CD/DVD or USB memory stick.

In either case, there are a number of guidelines that need to be followed. Before you scan, please make sure that the glass on the scanner is clean and free of scratches. We recommend scanning at 600 ppi/dpi and saving the scanned photo as the highest quality .jpeg file possible.

Saving photos as .tiff files tends to produce very large images, so for this reason we would prefer a 600 ppi/dpi .jpeg file rather than a similarly-sized 300 ppi/dpi .tiff file.

Even if your photo is black and white, scan in 24-bit colour and please don’t make any adjustments to colour, contrast, sharpness, etc., as we will take care of all of these.

For files that are too large to be emailed, it can be helpful to use a free file transfer service such as, YouSendIt, or Dropbox, etc.

If you have any questions about this process or want to be sure that we can help with your particular photo, don’t hesitate to email us at any time, we would love to hear from you!

Price guide

Our prices start from as little as $10 for light damage. Restorations with a medium amount of damage range around $50, while heavy damage or large photos that require more time will range from $80 and up.

If you require us to do the scanning for you, there is a service charge of $15 for the first photo, and $2.00 for each additional scan.

We offer printing services that can achieve superior results for your beautifully restored photos, including archival papers with textures to match those of old photo papers to keep your photos looking authentic. We will send you a price list with your proof sheet for your consideration.

How to pay

After we have completed your restoration, we will send you a proof sheet to review. If you are happy with the work and would like to proceed with payment, we will provide a link attached to our emailed proof sheet to our PayPal account. No sign up is required, and PayPal will tell us once payment has gone through.  We will then send you the final images by whatever method you have chosen.

Alternatively, you are most welcome to send us a cheque in the mail. In this case, your restored photos will be released once the cheque has cleared.

Delivery of your restored photos

If your original images were scanned and emailed to us, then we are happy to email the restored version back to you, or mail any requested prints by courier or Xpresspost (shipping costs will apply).

If you have mailed your original photo to us in the post, then we will return the original by courier or Xpresspost (shipping costs will apply). We can send you the restored version by email or include it on a CD in the returned package along with any prints you may have ordered.